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Flowers thrown into a dumpster in Greenwood Cemetery, NY

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“ I’ve experienced two kinds of love
The stable kind
You love each other
Like best friends
Talk till 6am
Even on weekdays
The kind where you’re
Both always pleasantly full
With each others
It always ends
With salty tears
That soak your pillow
Every night
For weeks
Till the void is filled
With something
Then the not so stable kind
You’re both
Raging with
Anger and need
And frustration and
Spite and jealousy
And hate and fear
And pride and
Fuck yous thrown
Form every angle
Till bloody tears screech down
Your face and
You both collapse
And do not talk
For weeks
I’d like to say
I don’t prefer the latter
Like I’d like to say
I don’t prefer
Sugar in my tea
And I probably would say that
With my collection of lies
To myself
There’s something sickly sweet
About the taste of
Not knowing
About insecure hearts
Hanging on strings
Above barbed wire
And growling beasts
And thirsty fire
Which is why
When you’re done
Trying to forget me
And sulking
And fucking
And I’m
Done lying to boys
And pretending
About being
Loved up
I always take you back
For another
To the chest ”

—    p.k — no sugar please (via youalonefilltheuniverse)

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"At 22, I used to go out all night, dance like crazy, do drugs, drink, have a great time, sleep for an hour and wake up, and you could still look gorgeous, with your skin glowing. If I did that now, you’d have to pull me out of bed by my feet." - Jessica Lange.

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Villa Dubrovnik, a modernist jewel on the Croatian coast, has enchanted guests with its rugged Adriatic scenery and enduring style since 1961. Photograph by Cedric Angeles. #takemethere from our June 2014 issue. #tasteintravel #villadubrovnik #Croatiancoast

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